Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How Constitutional Monarchy would Benefit Africa


It is quite interesting to read an article about Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II and his views on Constitutional Monarchy and economic development written by William Powel. Research and history show us that the most successful and stable countries in the world are those that have the Constitutional Monarchy system. There are so many benefits than disadvantages for the country that is operating the way of the Constitutional Monarchy.
Coat of Arms of HSH Prince Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II

According to Corruption Perception Index (CPI) by Transparency International, it shows that Constitutional Monarchies dominate the top 10 least corrupt nations on Earth. These countries have statistics that are very low on crime, better global competitiveness, economic freedom, Human Development, good life expectancy and general personal happiness.

Constitutional Monarchies are the leaders of world peace, order, good government, prosperity, wealth and good life. Among the 10 richest countries of the world, 7 are Constitutional Monarchies. Research also show us that the Constitutional Monarchy countries are not only wealthy, but they are the most stable and free countries in the world.

Mr Powel also writes about the vision Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II has for Africa, particularly West Africa and how some countries can also develop to be among the top countries of the world by adopting the Constitutional Monarchy system. I find these views to be in line with what happened  with the developed countries under the Constitutional Monarchy system.

A number of great philosophers and scholars of all time wrote and recommended that the mix government in the form of Constitutional Monarchy is the best way to govern. Mr Walter Bagehot did a great deal of study on the Constitutional Monarchy back in 1865 and his theories and philosophies still apply in today’s life.

What are your views on this subject?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Rise of a New Dynasty in West Africa

Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II

HSH His Serene Highness Prince Leopold-Maximilian Donchield Zu Leone II - Recently I read a very interesting article on another blog written by George Paul about post colonial development in Africa and Leopold Donchield Zu Leone ii views on how Africa can develop from where it is now. I found the story to be worth reading and the ideas if implemented effectively could change the history of Africa at large. The arguments put forward are very interesting indeed.

HSH Prince Leopold Maximilian Donchield Zu Leone ii, his African family can be traced back to 1462, in Sierra Leone.

He grew up in Europe as the adoptive son of a German aristocrat, where he had his schooling at the best private schools and universities. I will in a series of articles and interviews lay out the new ideas of Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II and his great vision for West Africa and Sierra Leone in particular.
Coat of Arms of HSH Prince Leopold-Maximilian Donchield Zu Leone II